year end accounting

Every business irrespective of the size and structure has to complete the year end (usually 12 months of trading) formalities in various forms.

The year end formalities generally include producing financial statements, computing tax liabilities and filing tax returns with HMRC.

There are strict deadlines to complete the year end formalities, if the deadlines are not met, the respective authorities will impose severe penalties. With Business & Accountancy Assist always get things done on time every time. We don’t leave things to the last minute; once the year is finished (12 months of trading), we will contact you to provide us with any additional information we may need to complete the year end formalities.

Completing the yearend formalities on time will mean that you can plan your budget, avoid unnecessary penalties and get the business running. Our duty as the accountants does not finish with finalising the yearend accounts, we will review the results with you and suggest the areas you need to make improvements in the coming year, we help you in budgeting your expenditures and suggest the ways of increasing your revenue.

This has helped many of our clients in planning their expenditure resulting in increased profit.